6 Must-Reads About The Future of Work

Recent opinions, perspectives and research

October 8, 2017

future of workThe future of work is here, and it is also emerging before our eyes. Companies are adopting technologies that automate routine tasks (think chatbots, for example), and they are increasing the use of artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, and related tech to develop new opportunities and to improve productivity. What does the pace of change mean for tomorrow’s workforce?

The future of work is a complex and fascinating topic that involves research in artificial intelligence, human psychology, workforce organization, and economic policy, to name just a few. Here are some recent, InfoWorks-approved articles that examine these trends in more detail:

  1. Why Curiosity and Collaboration are the Critical Skills of the Future, from the news desk at Ethical Corporation

What will the necessary job skills of the future be? Persuasion, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills are just a few of the skills that will be in demand. There will be an emphasis on the attributes that make us human, and how they can leverage technology. This article explores what will be critical.

  1. The GE Reports interview with Martin Ford, author of Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future

In this fascinating interview, well-known futurist and A.I. expert Martin Ford shares his thoughts and predictions about the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs.

  1. Robots are Replacing Managers, Too, from Quartz

Even jobs that are thought to be “safe” can be automated. Here’s an eye-opening article about how managers can be replaced with new technologies, including a look at some of the newest platforms making this possible.

4. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence – And The Future of Accounting, from Forbes

According to this article, instead of fearing artificial intelligence, professionals in “white collar” jobs such as accounting should embrace it. Emerging technologies will free them up for higher level, analytical work.

  1. The Future of Work Demands Big Ideas, from Bloomberg View

With the rapid acceleration of new technologies, what is government’s role in retraining workers for the future of work? This article explores the issue, and the need for a big picture approach to developing the labor force of the future.

  1. Death of the Single Skill Set, from Forbes

As new technologies continue to disrupt industries at a record pace, how can companies ensure that their people are ready and able to adapt? To survive in the future of work, an individual’s skills need to expand beyond a single skill set. This article provides strategies for training.

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