About InfoWorks

Here at InfoWorks we believe that the world of work is changing, and businesspeople can succeed by honing their critical thinking skills while developing a flair for adaptability. We are an informational hub where coverage of macro business trends, smart analysis, and interdisciplinary thinking converge. We seek to more deeply understand the intersections between business trends and larger social, academic, and economic developments through our book reviews, interviews with experts, articles, essays, and more.

In today’s work world, the boundaries are continuously blurring and shifting, including the boundaries between work-spaces and home-spaces, digital workplaces and offices, and more generally between the professional and the personal. InfoWorks explores these trends through our coverage of topics such as entrepreneurship, the future of work, leadership, project management, and advances in tech and AI. 

No matter the industry – and whether you’re working from home or in a more traditional employment setting – the future of work will require innovation, creativity, and flexibility. Join us at InfoWorks as together we strive to be smarter about business.



Denise Gifford is the managing editor of InfoWorks.com. She was a co-founder of InfoWorks International, a consulting firm that trained thousands worldwide in project management, leadership, business management, and related skills. Prior to heading InfoWorks, Denise worked in marketing, financial services, and consulting. She holds her MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.