The philosophy behind InfoWorks is that the world of work has changed — and successful business professionals can adapt by honing their critical thinking skills and developing a flair for expansive thinking. InfoWorks brings its readers how-to articles, editorials, and thought pieces from its talented roster of guest bloggers, with an editorial focus on topics in project management, entrepreneurship, communication, leadership, innovation, and the future of work.

InfoWorks is an outgrowth of InfoWorks® International, a corporate training and consulting firm co-founded by Denise Gifford that helps people be smarter about business. For over twenty years, InfoWorks International has consulted with companies worldwide to build better business knowledge and skills in project management, leadership, finance, sales, marketing, consulting, customer service, process improvement, and teambuilding.

During her decades-long tenure working with training processes and techniques, Denise noticed that her most successful clients shared an eagerness and appreciation for learning. Smart, successful businesspeople are inquisitive. They ask important questions – not just about business, but about the political and cultural realms in which businesses operate. Denise believes that in today’s world of increased automation, solopreneurs, and serial entrepreneurs, businesspeople across industries must learn how to balance risk and opportunity, with an ever-observant eye toward the future of work.

With all this in mind, Denise developed the InfoWorks blog, an informational hub where current events and smart analysis converge. InfoWorks keeps its readers in-the-know about the latest trends and research in entrepreneurship, leadership, and project management, along with introducing new topics and analyses from outside industries and areas of academia. At InfoWorks, we recognize that successful business professionals aren’t curious only about business. They’re also curious about art, politics, economics, psychology, and the myriad other topics that affect the day-to-day happenings in the business world. Join us at InfoWorks as together we strive to be smarter about business.



About Denise

Denise Gifford is the co-founder of InfoWorks® International, a corporate training and consulting firm founded in 1990. Prior to heading InfoWorks, Denise worked in sales and marketing management, and as a consultant in the financial services industry. Denise holds her MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.