Our Experts

Shari Barth is an InfoWorks associate with more 20 years experience in training, consulting, coaching, and project management. Her diverse background includes the following accomplishments:

  • Designed and delivered a customer loyalty training for a large retail chain that helped retain 1.4 million customers.
  • Developed Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award training materials as a Senior Change Management Consultant.
  • Received the Million Dollar Award, given to Problem Solving and Decision Making instructors whose workshop participants have collectively saved their organizations over a million dollars.

Founder and president of Optimal Training Solutions, Shari has worked in the insurance, direct marketing, customer service, technology, mortgage, telemarketing, retail, consumer products, utilities, healthcare, and banking industries. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Michigan.

Helen Cooke is a 20-year project management veteran with experience in Fortune 500 companies, universities, the service industry, manufacturing, government, military and defense. She is a PMP® and a PMI® Fellow, and an experienced consultant. She has worked on five continents and was elected a fellow of the Project Management Institute in 2005.

Helen led a profit and loss practice at Deloitte for 10 years, was a mid-level manager in the federal government, and a university administrator. She headed the Project Management Center of Excellence at McDonald’s Corporation, and implemented SEICMM Level 2/3 and a PMO at United Airlines. She has taught project management systems at the graduate level at Keller Graduate School and a PMO course at DePaul University in Chicago. She is the author of several books about project management and organizational project management maturity.

PMP and PMI are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Cheryl Cornell-Powers is a seasoned trainer and coach specializing in helping executives, managers and professionals become more focused on getting their message understood in the cluttered global information environment. She facilitates programs on a wide range of topics in a variety of business sectors for InfoWorks.

Cheryl is a visiting adjunct lecturer at the University of Illinois, e-mentoring graduate students in Human Resource Education. She is on the Advisory Board of the Center to Advance Education for Adults at DePaul University in Illinois. She was on the Advisory Board for the Financial Services Forum of the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) for several years and is a speaker at the international conference.  Cheryl’s speaking engagements include client conferences, ASTD International Conference, DePaul University, University of Illinois and the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL).

Bill Lewis is an associate offering some 30-years’ experience in the creation and delivery of tailor-made learning programs in the UK, Central Europe, Middle East, and South East Asia.

He is a certified corporate coach and an accredited personality assessor who has trained and coached a wide range of employees, from front-line operatives through to senior corporate board members.

Bill’s expertise focuses on cultural change, people-facing effectiveness, operational quality initiatives, team-building, and complimentary ‘soft’ skill sets in corporate environments.

Additionally, Bill is qualified in, and brings a wide range of creative expertise and qualifications in diverse human development technologies such as:

  • Improv Techniques
  • Interactive Rhythm Based Training
  • Low / High Ropes Instruction
  • Laugher Yoga
  • Rigology and Accelerated Learning

Bill is qualified trainer with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development–UK (CIPD).

David Mui, PhD is an InfoWorks associate consultant and trainer specializing in the area of HRD management impact on improving company performance and enhancing organizational effectiveness.

David is certified in a range of management training and consulting areas, including: strategic planning, change-management, leadership, and strategic human resources management.

He is an adjunct professor at Syracuse University in New York, and faculty member of Shue Yan University in Hong Kong. David’s extensive experience includes the following accomplishments:

  • Corporate executive for several global Fortune-500 companies.
  • Managing the human resources function of a US-based chemical company in China.
  • Management consultant for a big-six accounting firm operating in Asia.

David holds a PhD in Business Administration, a master’s degree in Business Administration, a master’s of science degree in Organizational Behavior, and a post-graduate diploma in Management Studies from City University of Hong Kong. He is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Dirk Rossey is a Sydney-based associate of InfoWorks. Bringing 25 years’ experience in corporate talent management, leadership development, customer service, Six Sigma, and internal consulting, he provides creative solutions to a wide range of human resources and training issues.

Dirk takes a particular interest in exploring ways and means to accelerate the development of individuals and teams. His strategic, innovative, creative, and client-focused approach is reflected in his successes with teams and individuals that need to “gear up” their performance.

Dirk has worked for a number of large multinationals, including a top-six accounting firm, an international investment bank, and a Middle-East property acquisition, development, and management company.

David Seow brings more than 25 years’ experience in managing and marketing major consumer brands in competitive Asian and international environments. As an InfoWorks associate he brings expertise that includes strategic planning, export, training and marketing-related work in areas such as sales, retailing, distribution, advertising, promotion, and product development.

David co-founded the Malaysian company Omega Vest Sdn Bhd, a professional consultancy and training solutions provider dedicated to helping clients leverage their marketing and organizational competencies.

Prior to his roles in consulting and training, He was senior manager of a Fortune-500 US multinational company, and was also in charge of export operations at a well-known Malaysian company, coordinating product launches at international trade fairs in Frankfurt, Sydney, Birmingham, Denmark, and Taiwan.

David graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Food Technology from the University of Reading, England, and obtained his MBA (majoring in Marketing) from the University of Bradford, England. He is also an adjunct lecturer on the Charles Sturt University in Australia.

David Spence is an InfoWorks associate with extensive management experience, including time with a mutual pension provider, an independent financial advisory firm, a global bank, and a VC-funded start up.

David conducts talent development programs and executive coaching services for managers and emerging leaders throughout the Asian region, as well as in the United Kingdom (UK). He has extensive experience leading “Change Management” projects, sales and sales management, and negotiating programs.

Having qualified as a Dive Instructor with the British Sub Aqua Club he discovered the joy of helping people learn and develop new skills and cope with challenging and sometimes scary situations. He realized that his real calling was to find a way to do this in his professional life and this led him to focus his considerable energies on helping people unlock their talents and rise to the demands and challenges of being a manager and leader of people.

In addition to managing a variety of existing businesses, David has also established several start ups, both in the UK and overseas.

David Tam brings more than 25 years’ experience as an InfoWorks associate. He has worked mainly in the Information Technology and Analytical Instrumentation industries, including many senior management roles in the Asia Pacific Region with multinational corporations.

David consults globally across Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA, with extensive experience in the People’s Republic of China. He has a special interest in corporate governance, project, and change management issues facing modern management in China.
He has also founded high tech companies in Australia and holds an Australian patent relating to Internet technologies. His cross-region management consulting and training include:

  • Information Technology project management
  • IPO fund raising and due diligence
  • Building and restructuring sales distribution channels
  • Setting up new organizations and services
  • Research and development
  • Large-scale IT products consumer marketing and fulfillment processes
  • E-commerce implementation processes, especially in issues relating to the interplay of legal and commercial conflicts and needs.

David is an associate fellow of the Australian Institute of Management ( AFAIM) and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD).