Training Resources

We offer a variety of course materials available in key skill areas critical for business success. These have been created by experts in instructional design and business practices and reflect sound workplace learning principles. These course materials have been successfully used by a wide variety of clients across many industries.

Off-the-shelf Training Guides

  • Building Effective Consulting Relationships
  • Dynamics of Leadership
  • Managing Successful Projects
  • Managing Successful Projects II—Advanced Study
  • Negotiating for Results
  • Planning Successful Projects
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Strategic Negotiating

Our eight core on-site workshops are available for purchase in an off-the-shelf format. These materials include:

  • A detailed facilitator guide, including PowerPoint presentations and video, if applicable.
  • Comprehensive participant guides, including interactive course activities and workplace-oriented job aids.

These courses may be implemented by your organization’s staff or by an InfoWorks facilitator. We offer train-the-trainer instruction upon request. If you are interested in having an InfoWorks facilitator conduct the course, please see our on-site workshops.

Self-Study Guides

InfoWorks’ Self-study Guides are designed around specific business effectiveness issues as they apply to actual job situations. These guides are often used in preparation for our InfoWorks workshops. They may also be used independently, or to reinforce and refresh information learned during a workshop. InfoWorks’ self-study guides include:

Solving Problems: Strategies That Work

This guide explains what constitutes a problem, as well as strategies and approaches for solving problems. You will also learn a specific problem-solving process that can be used effectively in diverse workplace situations, and how to use problem-solving tools and techniques for resolving and finding solutions to specific problems.

Getting There! Negotiation Planning

You will learn how to use an effective method for planning upcoming negotiations. Using this method, you’ll learn how to prepare for negotiations that result in a “win” for all involved and that help develop long-term relationships. This planning method enables you to define and prioritize key issues, analyze your negotiating partner’s style, define your own “walking point”, and determine the parameters of a true win/win resolution.

Managing Change–Keys to Success

This guide provides an introduction to change management. It is designed to improve your understanding of how the change process works and how each step in the process contributes to the overall success of the change. You will learn how to use a variety of tools, strategies, and techniques for managing change, and you’ll learn how to help support and sustain a change initiative.

Interested in your materials being developed as self-study guides? Contact us.