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Use Projects to Launch High Quality Global Products

global productYou’ve started a new project. Your objective is to successfully create and internationally launch a new high-quality product for your company. But, you’re stuck, because you are not sure you know how to ensure success across countries or how to make an attractive presentation for the complex global market.  No problem! This is another situation where you can apply project management strategies, beginning with Project Initiation, to clarify the benefits of the proposed product to both the customer and your sponsor. If you can produce value for both, your project will be perceived as successful.

As you know from prior posts (“Initiating Your Job Search Project” [1]),  Project Initiation is the phase of a project where you set project boundaries and define the end product you want to launch. Remember, you are now thinking on a global scale. There are many unknowns. To accomplish your goal you can ask three questions that will help make your final product and global launch successful:

Once you have the answers to these questions you can establish the basic requirements of your “end product” and the scope of your project.  The next step is creating the product description.

Creating the Product Description

There are several important aspects of your product that must be planned and agreed upon in the project before the building phase can begin. Ask yourself: What will your product accomplish for customers? How will it improve their lives? What materials and resources will be required, and when? How will your product function in different countries? Will it be independent of technology, rely on electricity/batteries and work well anywhere? What are accepted features in all locations, and which are optional? What can be added to make it more acceptable to each culture?

In order to create a global product you need to spend substantial time on the following:

If you are able to clearly document project success, within the scope of product requirements and the end market, you are ready to create your product. With a strong project base the chances of success will be greatly enhanced.

In part 2 [2], we will look at the cost implications for our product development project.

by Helen S. Cooke [3]