InfoWorks training workshops bring practical, usable strategies and solutions to your business. Our experienced consultants bring real-world scenarios gathered from years of global experience. They are expert at engaging participants, working together to go beyond teaching to achieve understanding.

When your employees leave an InfoWorks training session, they will be ready day one to put their new strategies into practice. Perhaps more importantly, they will be equipped with the communications skills so critical to bringing other team members on board, and to working more effectively with customers and vendors. These modular workshops are tailored to your environment, your issues, and your personnel.

Our core workshops are applicable to every industry and include:

  • Building Effective Consulting Relationships
  • Dynamics of Leadership
  • Managing Successful Projects
  • Managing Successful Projects II—Advanced Study
  • Negotiating for Results
  • Problem Solving
  • Process Improvement
  • Strategic Negotiating

InfoWorks also offers four industry-specific workshops:

  • Branch-based Marketing
  • Commercial Financial Statement Analysis and Lending
  • Team Selling to Strategic Accounts
  • Leading & Motivating the Sales Team

Top quality, cost-effective workshops brought to you

Our workshops are recognized by corporate leaders worldwide for providing pragmatic knowledge and applicable skills that leverage employee performance. Businesses large and small turn to InfoWorks’ innovative workshops. Our programs have been used in virtually every industry to improve employee performance and fill in competency gaps—the behaviors, knowledge, skills, and abilities that determine the success of employees within an organization.

Our instructors are energetic, experienced, and knowledgeable. They bring real-world examples to the classroom for meaningful, interactive, experiential learning. Participants leave our sessions ready to implement their new skills, and take with them our comprehensive participant guide for future reference and training reinforcement.

Each of our eight core workshops (shown below) and four industry-specific workshops is fully customizable to meet your organization’s needs.

Train-the-trainer is available upon request.

Building Effective Consulting Relationships empowers participants with the communication and consulting skills they need to work successfully with internal and external clients. Organized by the five phases of a consulting relationship, the workshop provides a framework for developing and maintaining effective, client-focused relationships. The workshop will benefit everyone who provides consultative support or service to internal clients or who works consultatively with external clients.

Dynamics of Leadership is a curriculum specifically for managers. These 15 modules are designed and sequenced to address three major competency areas: leading with vision; building the business and working with people.

Topics include:

  • the leadership role
  • leading and managing change
  • communication
  • successful work styles

The final module—the Managers Checklist—builds an action plan for change to implement following the program.

Managing Successful Projects is a highly participative course designed for managers, teams, work groups, and project leaders. It features a four-phase process that provides a step-by-step framework for project success.

Participants work in teams to build timelines and project plans. The curriculum also focuses on human dynamics, such as communication, gaining consensus, problem solving, meeting and coordinating, and dealing with change.

Managing Successful Projects II—Advanced Study is designed as a follow-up to the Managing Successful Projects course and continues the use of the project management process presented in that course.

Managing Successful Projects II focuses on the skills project managers need to bring a project to successful completion and provides high-level tools that make this possible. It details the roles and responsibilities of the project manager and the project management process. Designed for small groups of 8 to 12 participants, this intensive, hands-on workshop uses real-world examples that allow participants to practice the tools so they can implement them immediately.

Negotiating for Results provides the process and techniques for effective negotiation. It focuses on developing areas of mutual interest for successful negotiations with internal and external clients. Participants learn to use tactical negotiating skills with customers, vendors, and people inside the enterprise to build relationships.

Problem Solving is a fast-paced, interactive problem solving course. It has been designed to provide individuals at all levels of an organization with a variety of problem solving tools supported by a common model that can be used in diverse workplace situations. Participants work in teams to:

  • explore the problem
  • identify causes
  • define the problem
  • explore solutions
  • decide on a practical resolution

Process Improvement is designed to build an understanding of quality management practices and their application within a business. Participants learn to apply quality principles and tools within the context of the job at hand.

The workshop includes group discussions and activities about quality and the importance of meeting customer requirements. Participants will use actual case studies to learn to chose from a selection of quality tools, as well as how to apply them effectively. Developing consistent planning and organizing skills are key elements of the workshop, and a powerful introduction to the world of Six Sigma and Project Management methods.

Strategic Negotiating provides planning skills and strategies for win-win negotiations. Participants learn to plan and conduct negotiations that focus on mutual interests.

This workshop is designed to help participants develop strategic negotiating skills that will help build and maintain relationships. InfoWorks also offers a Project Negotiating program.

Industry-Specific Workshops

In addition to our range of cross-industry workshops, InfoWorks offers training specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals in sales/marketing and banking/finance.

Banking and Finance

  • Branch-based Marketing
  • Commercial Financial Statement Analysis and Lending

Sales and Marketing

  • Team Selling to Strategic Accounts
  • Leading & Motivating the Sales Team

Branch-based marketing, micro-marketing, and local-area marketing each come with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The InfoWorks Branch-based Marketing Workshop offers branch marketing strategies that build sales and strengthen customer relationships.

The workshop has been specifically developed for branch managers and related field personnel. Participants will learn how to integrate their knowledge of current and potential customers, trade areas, products, and company-wide initiatives to achieve measurable results.

Fully customizable, the program is organized around a step-by-step process that teaches branch personnel how to:

  • analyze their customer base and trade area
  • identify high-potential target customers
  • develop and implement strategic and tactical marketing plans
  • track the effectiveness of ongoing marketing efforts

InfoWorks has developed the Commercial Financial Statement Analysis and Lending Workshop after identifying the key skills used by successful loan specialists: analyzing commercial and corporate financial statements, and assessing loan applicants.

The program provides practical tools for all financial service employees, and is particularly valuable for:

  • lending, credit, and relationship managers
  • personal bankers
  • private bankers
  • loan analysts
  • call center operatives
  • loan support staff
  • non-financial executives responsible for selling, project financial assessment, or credit approval

These workshops are fully customizable and case driven. InfoWorks can also provide pre- and post-testing for program participants.

Leadership and coaching skills are essential sales force management skills. This InfoWorks Workshop—Leading & Motivating the Sales Team—employs successful sales techniques along with effective management skills. Sales managers and team leaders will learn how to provide stable, motivational leadership to every member of their sales force.

This interactive, experiential workshop provides practical tools, real-world examples, and relevant exercises. It can be customized to incorporate specific tools, reports, or systems needed in the day-to-day management of a sales team.

Landing and servicing strategic accounts is key to the success of any sales team. In the InfoWorks Team Selling to Strategic Accounts Workshop, participants work together in simulated, competitive selling situations. Designed to foster effective teamwork, this workshop is fully customizable to include:

  • key account management programs
  • relationship management programs
  • trusted advisor programs

Participants learn to differentiate themselves from the competition by adding value and showing how various solutions can impact key client business issues. They will walk away with strategies to increase their hit rate on proposals accepted, develop deeper relationships with customers, and cross-sell products and services.